1. Game Shows Unlimited Cures “Zoom” Burnout!

    With the advent of the pandemic we all now must rely on technology more than ever to manage our businesses and employees; and along with this dramatic and impersonal change have come new challenges of employee engagement, retention of clients and office morale.

    Using cutting edge technology alongside Zoom, Mediatainment® has adapted and created the ultimate interactive game show that allows corporations, nonprofits, colleges and universities to connect with their people by providing an interactive way to engage and connect with their team. Whether your team is remote, in the office or on the go, everyone can participate while on Zoom, and use their cell phone to play the game in real time to win prizes or recognition from their boss.

    The benefits of the The Social Distancing Trivia Show are:

    1. It can be customized to your curriculum for your meeting or event.

    2. Get instant feedback using a tablet or phone as the answer key.

    3 Our hosts are the “who’s who” of comedy in Chicago.  If you prefer we can have you host or co-host with one of our pro’s.

    4 Great for team building exercises where you can measure in real time peoples reactions.

    5. Great for client and customer socials when you want to do something nice for a large or small group.

    6. Sponsor a fundraiser!  Sponsor a fundraiser for your company’s favorite non-profit and we will help help them raise a ton of money while letting the community know how generous your company is.

    Game Shows Unlimited provides all the tech, game, prizes (if needed), and promo materials.

    To set up a meeting or get more information call 312-728-4740 or email our Client Services Manager Tom Porter at tom@mediatainment.com.

  2. Benefits Of Improv Comedy Classes

    Everyone loves a good laugh. Sometimes that’s all you really need in order to turn your day around, or to turn a meh day into a great day. When you think of someone you think is funny, chances are you think of someone with a quick wit who knows exactly what to say in every situation. These improvisational experts can enter any boring room and leave everyone inside with a big smile. In today’s blog, Mediatainment, the top-rated traveling entertainment company around, will be going over some of the benefits of attending improv comedy classes.

    Quick Thinking

    If you’ve ever seen an improv comedy performance, you know how quick the actors and actresses are. Everyone is constantly bouncing ideas off of each other, creating one hilarious scenario after another. Increasing your mental speed won’t just make you a funnier person though, it could also help you in all other areas that require quick thinking. Professional improv comedy classes can help sharpen your mind, allowing you to think and react quicker than you were previously able to.

    Public Speaking

    Performing in front of even a handful of people could create enough pressure to cause someone to shut down. If you have problems with public speaking or performing, then a professional improv class from Mediatainment could just be the perfect thing for you. Our improv classes will help you come out of your shell by allowing you to practice your public speaking skills in a safe and nurturing environment.


    If you’re an artist, or even someone who simply likes to put themselves out there, chances are you’ve received some criticism at some point in your life. For some of us, the mere thought of other people judging your work can be enough to make you not even want to try. Improv classes can help boost your self confidence, allowing you to blossom as the artist or person that you’d like to be.

    Other benefits of improv classes:

    • Collaborate with others
    • Learn to laugh at yourself
    • Help with reading social cues
    • Learn patience
    • Improves communication skills
    • And more!

    If you’re looking for an improv comedy class that can help offer all kinds of benefits, then Mediatainment has just what you need. Our improv classes are taught by industry experts who all have years of experience working in many different forms of media. Learn more about our improv comedy classes, get to know our traveling entertainment company, or contact Mediatainment to see where we’ll be next and to book your improv class today.

  3. Welcome to Mediatainment

    Welcome to Mediatainment, the best entertainment company in the United States. We offer several improv comedy classes, corporate and private party entertainment options, college campus entertainment, and much more. As one of the top-rated entertainment companies around, Mediatainment can help with all kinds of entertainment services. Normally in our blog, we would go over things like the history of improv comedy and how to make your private or corporate party even better. In today’s blog, however, we thought we would introduce ourselves a little and go over some of the services we can offer you or your company.


  4. Amy Niko Schwartz

    AMY NIKO SCHWARTZ performs at Zanies Comedy Clubs​ ​and​ is currently a producer and performer on Booth Comedy Hour at the Elbo Room. She was a writer and ensemble cast member for Outside The Box at Laugh Factory Chicago. She currently is a improv cast member at Crossbreed Comedy at the Laugh Factory and co-host on B.A.D. Waves Radio on que4.org.

  5. Meet Rob Wilson, a member of the best entertainment company around

    Rob Wilson

    ROB WILSON is an ensemble member of Baby Wants Candy, has performed at the NBCUniversal Break Out Comedy Festival, The NYC International Fringe Festival and can be seen on NBC’s “Chicago Fire” and FOX’s “Empire.” He currently tours with the Second City and was recently seen in a Discover Card commercial.


  6. Meet Groovebox, a member of the best entertainment company around


    GROOVEBOX is a crazy musical combination of Reggie Watts, Incubus, and something you’ve never heard before. He’s a one man orchestra and is capable of making your event feel like you’re at a raging music festival or an intimate jazz show, whatever you prefer.

  7. Meet Matt Chiaramonte, a member of the best entertainment company around

    Matt Chiaramonte

    MATT CHIARAMONTE is a Chicago comedian who’s made a name for himself performing at clubs and shows in Chicago, as well as producing Crossbreed Comedy, a monthly variety show for the last 5 years. His sharp writing and comfortable stage presence helped Matt become a finalist in the 2017 Laughing Devil Comedy Festival in NYC. The Chicago Tribune awarded him the “Jerry Seinfeld Award for Observational Humor,”

  8. Meet Sherman Edwards, a member of the best entertainment company around

    Sherman Edwards

    SHERMAN EDWARDS was named 2012’s ‘Best Stand Up Comic in Chicago’ by the Chicago Reader and has been a featured performer at the TBS Just for Laughs Festival in Chicago, The Del Close Marathon in New York, The Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland and other notable clubs and theaters around the US. He can be found doing stand up, theater, improv and he can be seen on HBO GO’s “Single Long” and FOX’s “Empire”.


  9. Meet Nathan Cotter, a member of the best entertainment company around

    Nathan Cotter

    NATHAN COTTER spends his free time performing all over the Chicago area. If he’s not acting in a play, he’s improvising comedy. If not that, then he’s playing music. With his guitar and looper, he can entertain crowds of any size.

  10. Meet Adrienne Brandyburg, a member of the best entertainment company around

    Adrienne Brandyburg

    ADRIENNE BRANDYBURG is a writer, actor, producer, painter and comedian hailing from Chicago. Adrienne uses her animated and witty sense of humor when performing in sketches, podcasts, hosting, filming and on stage. Adrienne performs all around the country and in her bathroom. She normally has food in her mouth while she debates with people that are shorter than her.