With the advent of the pandemic we all now must rely on technology more than ever to manage our businesses and employees; and along with this dramatic and impersonal change have come new challenges of employee engagement, retention of clients and office morale.

Using cutting edge technology alongside Zoom, Mediatainment® has adapted and created the ultimate interactive game show that allows corporations, nonprofits, colleges and universities to connect with their people by providing an interactive way to engage and connect with their team. Whether your team is remote, in the office or on the go, everyone can participate while on Zoom, and use their cell phone to play the game in real time to win prizes or recognition from their boss.

The benefits of the The Social Distancing Trivia Show are:

1. It can be customized to your curriculum for your meeting or event.

2. Get instant feedback using a tablet or phone as the answer key.

3 Our hosts are the “who’s who” of comedy in Chicago.  If you prefer we can have you host or co-host with one of our pro’s.

4 Great for team building exercises where you can measure in real time peoples reactions.

5. Great for client and customer socials when you want to do something nice for a large or small group.

6. Sponsor a fundraiser!  Sponsor a fundraiser for your company’s favorite non-profit and we will help help them raise a ton of money while letting the community know how generous your company is.

Game Shows Unlimited provides all the tech, game, prizes (if needed), and promo materials.

To set up a meeting or get more information call 312-728-4740 or email our Client Services Manager Tom Porter at tom@mediatainment.com.