Everyone loves a good laugh. Whether you’re laughing at something or because of something, laughing just makes us feel better. No matter who you are, entertainment is always a positive thing. Here at Mediatainment, the best travelling entertainment company based out of Chicago, we’re dedicated to bringing the absolute best entertainment to every event we perform at. Whether you’re attending one of our stand-up comedy shows, partaking in one of our murder mystery theaters, or learning the basics in our improv comedy classes, Mediatainment is ready to provide world-class entertainment for you. Keep scrolling to learn more about our entertainment company, or contact Mediatainment to answer any questions and to book your private event today.

Entertainment Services We Offer:

  • Improv comedy shows
  • Stand-up comedy shows
  • Improv comedy classes
  • Murder mystery theater
  • Professional video production
  • Comedy workshops
  • Live game shows and trivia
  • And more!

Our Experienced Actors

Here at Mediatainment, we’re lucky to have some of the best comedians and entertainers in the business. All of them have years of experience working in stand-up comedy, improv comedy, television, cinema, video production, and more. Our talented cast is second to none and well-versed in all things entertainment. You’re sure to have a good time with any or all of our highly knowledgeable actors.

  • Amy Niko Schwartz
  • Harz Sondericker
  • Groovebox
  • Warren Phynix Johnson
  • Sherman Edwards
  • Christopher Bell
  • Adrienne Brandyburg
  • Matt Chiaramonte
  • Rob Wilson
  • Nathan Cotter
  • Paul Russell
  • Kevin Pomeroy

Learn more about the amazing performers here at Mediatainment, or contact us to reserve your private event today.

Our Entertainment Companies

As you already know, Mediatainment offers some of the best entertainment and video production services around. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing high-quality entertainment for all ages. Within Mediatainment, we have several other companies to help maintain our high standards while also providing the best possible service for everyone. All of these companies are dedicated to one aspect that makes Mediatainment the best travelling entertainment company in the country. Keep reading to learn more about our other entertainment companies.

Improv Unlimited®

Providing some of the best improv comedy shows around, Improv Unlimited is perfect for a night out on the town or for a private event. Our improv comedy stars have years of experience working in improv comedy to make sure that every show is unique, engaging, and highly entertaining. Perfect for holiday parties, corporate events, university events, and more, improv comedy changes with every show. If you’re a fan of clever, side-splitting comedy with wit, then our improv comedy shows from Improv Unlimited are the perfect choice for you. Learn more about Improv Unlimited as well as the improv comedy shows we can offer you.

Mystery Unlimited®

Everyone loves a good mystery, especially one with a murder. Here at Mediatainment, we developed Mystery Unlimited to provide some of the best murder mystery shows around. We offer personalized murder mystery theater as well as murder mystery dinner theater for private, corporate, and college events. While our murder mystery shows are usually catered more for adults, they can be tailored to suit all ages.With several different shows to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect show for you. Learn more about Mystery Unlimited and reserve your private murder mystery theater today.

Comedy Plex®

Ready to spice up your next corporate event, private party, or university event? Comedy Plex is Mediatainment’s spin on a comedy variety show. Each performance features stand up comedy, improv comedy, and musical comedy to help make the night one to remember. Most Comedy Plex shows are family friendly in order to accommodate all audience members, but they can be tailored to fit a more adult audience upon request. Comedy Plex shows can take place at your location or here at ours depending on your needs. Learn more about Comedy Plex and start building the perfect show for you.

Game Shows Unlimited®

Everyone has their favorite game show. Where some may prefer the classics, others may like the more modern versions. No matter what kind of game show you like, Mediatainment and Game Shows Unlimited are ready to help you live out your life dream of being on a game show. Providing both personalized comedy game shows and trivia shows, everyone is sure to have a great time when Game Shows Unlimited is in the house. Learn more about Game Shows Unlimited to see what our professionals can do for your next big event.

Improv University®

Ever want to learn how to become the next great improv comedian? Are you looking for a way to help you come out of your shell and meet some new people? With Mediatainment and Improv University, you can learn these skills and more! Improv University offers improv classes for those looking to further their acting careers, those who want to challenge themselves to learn something new, or for those just looking to get out of their comfort zone. Our experienced and knowledgeable “Impro-fessors” will help you learn how to think on your feet and roll with the punches with every improv class you take. Learn more about Improv University and be sure to sign up for an improv class near you.

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Private Entertainment Services

Mediatainment offers world-class comedy shows and video production services to everyone. Our entertainment company specializes in private parties of all kinds. While we’re based out of Chicago, we travel the country to help bring laughs and memorable performances to everyone we can. We can provide private shows for crowds of all sizes. Keep reading to see what kinds of private events we can provide entertainment for.

Corporate Events

Whether you’re rewarding your employees for a job well done, or it’s just time to kick back and relax with those you work with, Mediatainment can provide high-quality entertainment for your work party or event. If you want to have a night everyone at work is sure to enjoy, then partnering with Mediatainment is the perfect way to create a night your employees are sure to remember and appreciate for years to come.

Holiday Parties

Looking to make the holidays even brighter? Mediatainment offers holiday party entertainment for both corporate and private events. No matter what holiday you’re celebrating, the professionals at Mediatainment can help make it even better with personalized comedy shows, murder mystery theater, improv comedy shows, and more. Help make your holiday party one to remember with a custom show from Mediatainment.

University Events

If your university or college is looking for a way to reward your students or to provide an engaging workshop you can use to help students interact with their peers and professors, then a private event from Mediatainment is exactly what you need. We can provide comedy shows and workshops for universities and colleges of all sizes, offering entertainment and instruction to everyone who attends.

If you’re looking for the perfect entertainment for your next event, then Mediatainment is ready to help you. We offer world-class performances for companies, individuals, and universities alike. Our professionals can help provide a night of fun for any sized crowd. Contact Mediatainment to learn more and to schedule your private event today.