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The human touch, we all need it!

As business is constantly evolving and changing things can get lost in translation.  Especially the all-important human connection necessary to foster an environment conducive to growth and learning.

Our founding management team brings over 40 years of business and management experience in sales, business management and HR.  Our founders have Doctorates and experience as CEO’s of companies including Bell communications.


There are a million companies out there, what sets us apart?

First and foremost, our company is just like yours, always looking for ways to improve ourselves while providing an invaluable service to our clients.

Team Building Workshops

We offer several kinds of workshops.  Some are one-time workshops, and others are on-going weekly or monthly workshops designed to reinforce curriculum and provide ongoing training based on your needs.

EsTEAM Building Workshops are designed specifically for building a strong sense of team by teaching techniques of listening including the “Yes, and, and principal which is the philosophy that everyone needs and should be heard.  If your team learns how to participate effectively and that they have a say in the design and implementation of decisions surrounding them, then that will build or more inclusive and diverse culture in your office.

The takeaway here is when everyone feels included and important to the team, then the team can worry less about what others think and more about what the team thinks.  This mindset takes the pressure off any one person and shares it amongst a group that can assign, delegate and carry out tasks efficiently by sharing responsibility individually.


Energizing Team Building Workshops are exactly what they sound like, a fun, energetic, interactive workshop that infuses energy, risk taking and blind faith into a fun group exercise.  These workshops are great for a new team so they can get to know one another, while learning about one another’s strengths, weaknesses and surprise talents.

The takeaway here is fun.  Ideal for conventions, office meetings or client and vendor events where you want to get all parties connected.


Improv Team Workshops are a great way to establish an ongoing resource in your company for creativity, mental breaks and fun.  The initial workshop is 8 weeks and in the ninth week the group will perform their own comedy improv show for fellow co-workers and staff.  The goal of these workshops is to help you create a self-sustaining performance group on your own or in conjunction with our Improv University Professors (Improvessors).

The takeaway here is simple, help you create a creative outlet within your company where people can experiment, play and use their energy to express themselves.


Direct Sales Interactive Workshops are designed specifically for any employees that do B2B or telephone sales.  These workshops are developed side by side with your sales managers and upper management.  Our workshops cover everything from spin selling, probing and rebuttals.

The takeaway here is we will learn your current sales model, then build exercises around your model that compliment what you’re doing by teaching improvisational skills designed to get your sales people probing and building relationships instantly with prospects, much in the same way an improvisor builds a relationship on stage instantly from one audience suggestion.  Sales people respond well to these workshops because it’s less about a product and more about learning how to help them foster the law of attraction which helps them rely more on listening skills rather than selling.

Team Building Workshops

Successful comedy and successful business demand skills like teamwork, creativity, risk-taking, and support. We use team building exercises developed through years of theater and business experience to build team players, creative thinkers, and dynamic presenters. These are the same exercises, tailored for your company, that we, as professional improvisational comedians, use to perfect our stagecraft. If you’re looking to help your business grow, then team building workshops from Mediatainment are just what your company needs.

Also, comedy gets your point across like no other medium can. Comedy is interactive- it keeps your group excited, focused and involved. Your messages are delivered and remembered more clearly and effectively.

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Relationship Sales Workshops

Skills we have spent years developing as professional improvisors to build relationships and stories on stage, also apply heavily in the world of sales. You can do all the sales training in the world, but if your sales staff can’t engage and involve their prospects, they will never close the deal. This unique sales workshop is customized specifically for your group. Our team will learn your sales model and go on actual sales calls with your reps. We then take this information to create a totally unique workshop centered on your needs using techniques of agreement.

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If you’re looking to help grow your business, then our entertainment company has the perfect workshops for you. Contact Mediatainment to sign up for your personalized workshops today.