Team Building Workshops

Successful comedy and successful business demand skills like teamwork, creativity, risk-taking and support. We use exercises developed through years of theater and business experience to build team players, creative thinkers, and dynamic presenters. These are the same exercises, tailored for your company, that we, as professional improvisational comedians, use to perfect our stage craft.

Also, comedy gets your point across like no other medium can. Comedy is interactive- it keeps your group excited, focused and involved. Your messages are delivered and remembered more clearly and effectively.

Relationship Sales Workshops

Skills we have spent years to develop as professional improvisors to build relationships and stories on stage, also apply heavily in the world of sales. You can do all the sales training in the world, but if your sales staff can’t engage and involve their prospects, they will never closed the deal. This unique workshop is customized specifically for your group. Our team will learn your sales model and go on actual sales calls with your reps. We then take this information to create a totally unique workshop centered on your needs using techniques of agreement.